Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fruit Fast: Day 2

Day 2 was a bit harder then day one. The morning was pretty good, I only craved hot tea, which evidently is a no -no, but after some gentle yoga I went right into meditation. I then  experienced quite a bit of pain around the chest and back area and continued my meditation laying down. That was a bit strange. I'm chocking it up to purification.

I went to work today and it couldn't have been a more miserable day there. We're under some deadlines,  and since we just moved into the new warehouse, everything is still looking like a small tornado passed thru a circus, scattering props, masks, and general crap everywhere. This does not contribute to a calm state of mind for anyone, but especially someone fluttering from a fruit fast. I think fluttering is a good word to use here, as I noticed that I'm feeling a slight buzz, like a mild caffeine rush, that makes me overly sensitive and dramatic. I'm watching this in myself, noticing that my tendency to get irritated is amplified, and I'm praying that I will not get carried away with a co-worker with whom I am having some difficulty. I 'm wondering how to  best approach him, when it dawns on me that the best way to approach him is with unconditional love and compassion. I visualize us giving each other a hug after our "talk" and strengthening our friendship thru this little hiccup. He's avoiding me most of the time, and when I do see him, I flutter into a state of anger and anxiety, and hugs seems like a long way off. I decide to let the matter rest for the time being and go home. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to approach him from the heart, the vulnerable soft heart, not the angry wounded heart.

So I went home and spent a glorious afternoon walking my dog and  shopping on the internet.  To reward myself for putting up with that job another day, I bought some things I've been long hankering after, including some bulk herbs that I am very excited to brew into various teas, enemas and douches, yup that's how I roll.

So to sum it up, Day 2 had me craving Snickers as I passed a gas station, battling more dramatic emotions then usual, and asking why I don't just curl up in bed with a big bowl of chili tonight. The answer? "Painted cakes don't satisfy Hunger", that's what Ram Dass said when I asked his book. Hmmm....

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