Friday, February 3, 2012

Stop Telling God What to do With His Dice

Eistein was beside himself when he inadvertently opened the door to the world we now know as Quantum Physics. His Theory of Relativity (1905), probed at the nature of time, ultimately discerning that time is relative to the speed at which one is traveling. Up to that point, people thought of time as constant, moving in a steady and predictable rhythm. Einstein showed that time in fact slows down when we travel faster. What does this have to do with Quantum Physics?

The Theory of Relativity, depended on a constant, and this constant was the speed of light. Einstein's investigation into the nature of light revealed what he called the Quantum Particle of Light - or the photon. This discovery established the fact that light is both a particle and a wave, and lead to the famous equation of E=mc2.

In this landscape of energy = matter (E=MC2), subatomic particles behave in unpredictable ways, ways that were unacceptable to Einstein. He was in fact a great believer in order, feeling that if we understood the laws behind all phenomena then we would be able to predict their outcomes. Quantum Physics did not satisfy his mathematical symmetry. He continued to look for the one theory that would unite the world of subatomic particles and the world of large bodies. He believed that gravity and electromagnetism would explain the unpredictability of Quantum Mechanics, but his Theory of Everything was doomed from the start because he chose to ignore his own findings of the Quantum world.

In the end Einstein became an irrelevant fogie in the scientific circles unable to cope which a changing landscape that contradicted his belief in Divine Order and predictability. "God does not play dice" was his famous response to Quantum Physicist Niels Bohr. "Stop telling God what to do with his dice" was Bohr's sharp come back.

Despite Einstein's resistance, Quantum Physics changed how we see the world. No longer is matter made from solid hunks of matter, but rather from light which is energy. Few of us can really comprehend this, after all we are walking in a world of solid objects.

There are however some people who can see energy. They say we can all do this naturally and we are taught to forget, taught to be snared by Mara, the Buddhist's term for illusion.

One of these people is Donna Eden. She was raised by a mother who was an orphan, ignored and left to herself, who grew up seeing energy. She encouraged her three kids in expresing what they saw and all three of them see the energy around and within us.  Donna Eden, is one of the three who chose to use her gift in healing, and after listening to an interview with her on sounds true I was intrigued. Below is one of her earlier video's of an energy practice I'm going to try. Einstein would probably hate this, but then again perhaps death made him a bit more open-minded.

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